COVID Outbreak in North Korea

Last week North Korea confirmed the nation had been hit by a COVID-19 wave. The country has increased the production of drugs and medical supplies. A nationwide lockdown has been imposed. With reports showing 1,978,230 people have experienced fever symptoms. While 63 people have died from contracting the disease.

Korean Central News Agency a state-run agency has been encouraging its citizens to use traditional Korean medicines to cope with the fever symptoms.  “It is effective in prevention and cure of the malicious disease,” state-run news agency KCNA stated in a news briefing. The situation has sparked alarm among international bodies, with the UN human rights agency warning of “devastating” consequences for the country’s citizens.

A press statement released by the Ministry of Health yesterday showed that the positivity rate in the country is now at 0.9%. Kindly still observe the preventative measures and guidelines given by the MOH.


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