Changes in US Visa Application

The United States Embassy in Kenya announced, earlier today changes in the Visa renewals for non-immigrants.

“As part of Ambassador Meg Whitman’s pledge to reduce the nonimmigrant visa interview appointment backlog, the United States Embassy in Nairobi announced today that it has expanded the Interview Waiver Program for nonimmigrant visas,” read part of the statement.

This implies that Kenyans applying for a tourist, business, student and crew visa renewal will not be subjected to interviews.

However for one to qualify and benefit from the new directives, “You must be applying for the same Visa category, and your Visa cannot have expired more than four years ago. ”  The Embassy has also increased the grace as earlier the limit was one year.

The embassy notes that the new directives are meant to help in the clearance of the backlog arising from the COVID 19 pandemic.



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