August 9th Polls: The Faces of Humility

On Tuesday, 9th August, 2022 various Kenyans displayed a grand showcase of patriotism by exercising their civil duty to vote. Ng’ang’a, an elderly voter in Gatundu South Constituency was at the polling station before 6 AM. The 80 plus year old has voted throughout all elections and he was happy to vote once again.

“This year, I am turning 101 years old. I am happy to have marked this milestone. I urge all voters in the republic of Kenya to cast their votes with peace and love.” Philip Ole Lemein speaking to a local station in Narok County. “I have casted my vote. I am waiting on the Lord whatever He will decide we will follow. I am urging all Kenyans to vote in peace,” Jessica an 80 year old lady said.

The hallmark of humility was showcased by the First Lady Margret Kenyatta as she stood in line like any other Kenyan in the queues waiting to cast her vote. It is the first time we have seen such an act of humility from the political class and families. The decision to fully ignore once’s given privileges was the showcase of true “Servant Leadership” which will be the legacy of Margret Kenyatta through her different initiatives in office and her acts of kindness.

On the other spectrum, the usual political fanaticism in some areas were showcased. To some extent forcing the electoral process to be halted to pave way for the politicians to vote and leave.

Throughout yesterday’s election process, one thing that stood out was that this is a “new era”. An era where class, political standing, or other privileges were shelved up as we all identified with one blood, Kenyan! As we celebrate or cry over the results remember our key responsibility as Christians is to maintain peace!!



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