Alcoholism and the Church

Who is a church meant for? The saved or the lost? Well, a wise disciple once shared with me that, “Peter was called to be a fisher of men and by the time Jesus was leaving, He instructed Peter to take care of His sheep. Meaning the fish should turn to sheep hence, we need to create an environment where the fish can turn into sheep and thrive.

Well, an ACK church in Thika seems to have gotten and understood this memo from the Holy Scriptures. As they open their doors to the drunkards not by default but by design. “One thing we agreed on is that whether they are drunk or at whatever state they should come to church. And when they come they are orderly and they worship God with all their might.” Bishop Julius Kamau of ACK St Stephens Church.

Bishop Kamau is using his ministry to rehabilitate alcohol addicts by opening his doors to them. The mantra “Come as you are but don’t leave as you came,” is bearing fruits and the church has already transformed the lives of the congregants and they hope to reach out to many more.


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