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‘Boots on the Ground’ is a military term.

It is used to convey the belief that strategic success can only be achieved through the direct physical presence of troops in a conflict area. It is the idea that presence makes prominence.

Like in the military, God has boots on the ground – people who walk in His footsteps.

As we start a new season of Boots on The Ground, we shall focus on Christian Mission in the country and how organizations, ministries, and individuals have become God’s Boots on the Ground, providing developmental relief to communities.

We want to let you know the difference such organizations make. We want people to see the light and come to share in the same hope that institutions have because of their works through faith.

We want to see people healed, happy, and communities transformed.

On our very first premiering episode this Saturday, April 15, at 8: 30 pm, we feature Bishop Titus Masika, the founder of Christian Impact Mission. He started Operation Mwolyo Out, breaking reliance on relief to ensure zero hunger by promoting sustainable agriculture in semi-arid Yattain in Ukambani, Machakos County.

As you know, the sun in Yatta can be scorching, and the temperatures soaring as high, which can be discouraging to the residents in regard to farming. But for Bishop Titus Masika, he has developed a 7 point community transformation model in his home village.

He has his boots on the ground to combat the existing challenges brought about by the constant drought and famine experienced in the area.

Don’t miss to watch this inspiring documentary.


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