Zimbabweans React To President’s Daughter Appointment.

President Mugabe and his daughter Boni

By Prisca Aroko.

Citizens of Zimbabwe have criticized President Robert Mugabe for appointing his 27 year old daughter Bona Mugabe-Chikore to the censorship board.

Bona Mugabe who is the Zimbabwean’s president only daughter has been appointed to the censorship board and critics believe that the move is meant to censor and crackdown the negative comments that hit the media concerning the president and the first lady.

On twitter, Dudumo said, “With Bona being appointed into the censorship board there is no doubt that Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe and Family (Private) Limited.”

Silvanos Mudzvova, an actor, termed the president’s daughter appointment as the ‘final nail on the coffin for freedom in Zimbabwe.’’

The 93 year old President has been in power since 1980 and some of his party members alleged that he will rule till he gets to 100 years old.

However this is not the first time a president appoints a family member to chair any board or ministry in his country.

Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni appointed his wife as the Education and sports Cabinet secretary and his son is a Major General and his father’s top adviser.

President Museveni has been in power since 1986.

Angola’s President Dos Santos also appointed his daughter to head the oil company in his country. The move resulted to lots of criticism with people asking him to step down for corruption allegations.

Angola is currently considered the largest oil contributor in Africa following corruption and attacks in Nigeria. The president’s daughter has also been named by Forbes as the richest woman in Africa.

The United States President Donald Trump also appointed his son in law, Jared Kushner as his adviser.

Is it ethical for a president to appoint a family member to a public office?



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