Today in History: The Invention of the Ferris Wheel

The Eye of Africa is a boast and pride not only for the late Two Rivers’ founder Chris Kirubi; but for Kenya at large. The Ferris wheel is the largest in Africa offering incredible views on top of the thrill of being on a Ferris wheel.

The history of the Ferris will stem back to the year 1893 on 21st June. The wheel invented by Engineer George Washington Gale Ferris made its debut at the World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago 129 years ago. The invention created awe and wonder as nothing of its kind had ever been seen before. The hidden motivation behind the creator who wanted to beat the record of the recently invented Eiffel Tower. Which had been built for the 1889 “Exposition Universelle” in Paris.
The world has hundreds of Ferris wheels today providing a thrill to its occupants and now you have a fact to brag about too.


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