Pope Francis is asking the world to listen again!

56th World Communications Day

Some people define Church as having a ‘communication mission’ which is very tenable with its fundamental theology as well as for its consistent engagement with evangelisation and social life. And as the Catholic Church celebrated the 56th World Communication Day on May 29, under the theme “Listening with the ear of the heart” they provided an opportunity to reflect on the impact of modern means of social communication in addressing societal challenges.

In his message for World Communications Day, Sunday, Pope Francis said that “there is no good journalism without the ability to listen”.

He encouraged all people of goodwill to listen attentively to everyone they engage with. He says in doing so we are expressing, not just a mark of sincere respect for the dignity of the other, but in doing so we are also laying the foundation stone of genuine relationships, which in turn is foundational to the relationship between God and humanity.

“Among the five senses, the one favoured by God seems to be hearing, perhaps because it is less invasive, more discreet than sight, and therefore leaves the human being more free.” Pope said.

He called for all involved in the work of communications and media: that their work may serve the cause of truth and justice and bring real benefits to all.

In Kenya, the State Department for ICT and Innovation, and Media Council of Kenya joined Catholic media houses in the Nairobi Archdiocese in celebrating this year’s event.

“I urge media houses to embrace collaborative programming to promote peace, I also call upon the church to adopt and embrace technology.” David Omwoyo, CEO-Media Council of Kenya.

On his part, the Principal Secretary, State Department for ICT and Innovation Jerome Ochieng’ urged the media to take note of the disruptive nature of communication and adopt appropriately. He also urged the media to play its rightful role in educating the citizenry on electoral processes.


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