MCAs say lives in danger following Sonko impeachment notice

By The Star

Nairobi county assembly Minority Whip Peter Imwatok has claimed that the lives of MCAs are in danger.

This is after a notice of impeachment motion against Governor Mike Sonko was tabled on Thursday in the assembly.

Addressing the media, Imwatok claimed many MCAs feared for their lives after a message was passed that five of them are being targeted.

“This morning, there was a message being given outside the county assembly that by the end of next week before the delivery of this motion, five MCAs will have met their father in heaven,” he said.

“Our members are scared to the bone and that is why many cannot even attempt to join us while we address the media because they don’t want to be seen.”

On Thursday, there was heavy police presence outside the assembly from early morning. Within the assembly precincts, a few armed men in blue were seen as the notice of impeachment was being tabled.

Imwatok of Makongeni ward called upon Inspector of Police Hilary Mutyambai to take up the matter and provide security during this period.

“We (MCAs) want the IG and other security agencies to take this matter very seriously. The lives of MCAs matter regardless of which house business they choose to undertake,” he said.

The Minority Whip said the “plane will land next week”, referring to Sonko’s planned impeachment. He urged the governor to respond once the speaker serves him with the notice.

He explained that once Sonko responds, all MCAs will be served with his response and come next Thursday they will proceed.

“I don’t think another direction will be taken because the decision is very clear. Nairobi is not a one person show and house that you dictate the way you want.

“We (MCAs) are doing this under Article 1 of the Constitution to make sure city residents get what they deserve. We will do our part as an assembly and leave the rest to the Senate,” he said.

Similar complaints were lodged in February this year after the Minority Whip tabled the first impeachment notice against the governor.

Imwatok alleged that three men approached him near Ankara Hotel while he was heading for his office and pointed guns at him. He recorded his statement under OB number 83/06/02/2020.


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