Does Your Money Match Your Identity?

By Prisca Aroko

As you get through this read ask yourself, how much do you make? Does the amount of money you make have anything to do with your identity?

Many people consider themselves broke because they have no jobs while others who have a job live constantly complaining about their jobs and to some extent hate it.

On Monday Morning’s motivation show on Family Radio 316, the host James Okumu had this discussion with Zimbabwean born life coach Max Moyo.

According to Max Moyo, everybody is born brilliant but its education and the society that has made people doubt themselves and their capabilities.

Biblically, no one was created to have a job but rather work. As an individual what work were you created to fulfill?

Jobs, as described by Max Moyo as ‘Just Over Broke’ create a lot of competitions but the moment an individual knows and understands what he or she has as work, then that person will never be broke again.

Knowing what your work is, means that you are in a position to do something that no one else in the world can do because we are all created with unique identity, talent and purpose.

However there are three things that make each and every person different.

Your identity will set you apart from everyone else. Your ID ‘irresistible difference’ will determine who you are, the money you make and how you will spend that money.

Secondly, your talent makes you unique in your own way. Scientifically proven, every person has a talent that no one else in the world has and it’s important for everyone to harness and utilize whatever talent they have been given.

The third thing that makes you different is your purpose. “If you are broke, you are broke because you do not know who you are.’’ Said the jubilant Max Moyo.

However many a people suffer from low self esteem because they do not know who they are.

The reason why people ignore you is because they do not know the reason you are in their space. Picture this, you are good with making jokes and every time you are with people they know you will crack them up.

As the funny person, hardly will you suffer a low self esteem because you already know where you dominate and your friends know what value you add to them. They know your fruit in their lives.

There is also the aspect of growth that makes people know who they are and their purpose but most people ignore the growth aspect.

For you to succeed financially, you need to grow.

Growth is equal to change. You ought to ask yourself what parts in your life do you want to change or what areas in your life need a shift so that you can grow financially.

Secondly growth is equal to loss. What are you willing to lose to grow?

Lastly, growth is equal to pain. This can either be obedient pain or regret pain.

For instance, you want to lose weight, you have to go to the gym and work out. That’s obedient pain. Then there’s the regret pain where you only wish you did something that you failed to do.

Some people run away from pain, others run with the pain while others run into the pain. The difference between the three is, when you run away from your pain, it will soon catch up with you. When you run with your pain, it will take you longer to deal with it. When you face your pain, it will actually take you the shortest time.

Bottom-line is, never chase after money because money will always be ahead of you. Instead do something that will make money chase after you.







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