Church – Embark On A Serious Recovery Mission

Written by Pastor Michael Wambeo

You will agree with me that among the many victims of circumstances, the church was not spared by the so-called, Covid-19 pandemic effects that have wreaked havoc not only on the functions and normal running of the Sunday and weekly programs, but on numerical growth and the general spiritual, social, and economic performance of the believers.

Until the pandemic hit the headlines, and until the standoff between the government’s Ministry Of Health and the church ‘postures’ almost plunged us into a crisis of sharp divisions between the otherwise calm cordials among the interfaith societies; the Mainstreamer and the Pentecostal, I never knew that, at one point, we shall be constrained to rethink the use of social media as one of the major support systems of communication for the church.

On the contrary, even when the monster is slowly fading, some believers would really not mind maintaining the status quo; the word ‘Corona’ having become a household name, especially in creating excuses for not attending, let alone holding important church functions.

There is therefore sheer need by the church to embark on a serious Recovery Mission: More ministries and churches need to be planted; more emphasis to be laid on Evangelism and soul winning; mobilize more prayer campaigns in order to hear the Lord on how better we can effect ministry in these times of the pandemic and lastly, spearhead unity of purpose and oneness, than ever before.

Please also discern where God is working and join in. For some Pastors and Missionaries, the Lord could be calling you out to do things a little differently and even perhaps from a different location? Some may need to move camps from the estates to the city center; or vise versa as others will need to maximize on a particular ministry department, say children or music? Could there be potential for lunch hour meetings, for instance, in your area? Just let the Lord think out for you.

On the flip side; what I also can’t wrap my mind around is why, despite her muscle, the church doesn’t seem to have learnt from the 2007 – 2008 post election violence. This, not to mention that we almost fell flat on partisan and tribal accounts. I mean, should the enemy (of the kingdom) decide to pull strings the political way again, we can rest assured that the very core of our existence and presence in Kenya, will be rattled. I’ve always believed that the church is the only big gun in society, that can and should always shoot down and win against any force of negative ethnicity (otherwise called tribalism) and political factions, however much a candidate may have won your preference.

I believe, it is time for the church to be sober and vigilant! Let’s keep our focus and our neutral position as the ground and pillar of truth. Let’s remain God’s mouth piece of peace: let’s be part of God’s army that marches to provide hope, help and healing to society around us.

Let’s remain objective as we lead the way, above all political affiliations and feelings. This is not to mean, ‘the man of God shalt not vote’, or that we shouldn’t support one of our own to run for any legit office but let’s not meddle and create confusion among the saints. Even if God would speak to you, for instance, about His choice Presidential, Gubernatorial or Parliamentary candidate, I don’t think it is very wise to take sides; to speak for a political party in your church (or page) and or create a deliberate hostile environment for brethren who may hold a different political opinion from yours. This is because, at the end of the day, we all belong to Christ and will still need the church umbrella; including the politician.

This time round, the church must get it right and win the battle!

Pastor Michael Wambeo is the Senior Pastor at Bethel Worship Centre – International based in Kitengela, Kenya


  1. This factual and a timely wake up call for the church to take up its position and be the seasoning of the earth that we are called to be…

  2. Many times I walked out of a very great sermon when suddenly a preacher stopped to drum up support for a politician. Many young people have left church because they felt their time and presence was abused or taken for granted when a sermon turned political. They are free thinkers and in a lecture hall, work and community they would love to reason and challenge thoughts. Even your 40 day fast sermon is getting analysed thoroughly and it shouldn’t miss love and cohesion the type of values political rhetorics abandon.

    Thank you for this great article.

    • Well spoken Pastor Michael Wambeo.The Church doesn’t have to always fall victim of the Devil’s machination and craftiness.New challenges calls for new strategies in order to effectively evangelize to the world without which the world perniciously creep into the Church.

    • This is a wake up call for the Church to take its position and lead the way. We (the Church) should not bring confusion by our double stands. Let’s remain focused and be the mouth piece of peace. Thanks Pastor for sharing what the LORD is telling the CHURCH.

  3. This is so precise. You put it across as it is. Thanks Pst. Michael Wambeo.
    May the Almighty God open our eyes to see as He intends us to see and act as His children. May we( the church in Kenya) not bring Him shame ever again.
    It takes each one of us to act in the love of God and starts with that decision.
    I have decided to be a true Christian. What about you reader?

  4. This article should form a positive debate on the church’s standing on the role of the church on politics. It deserves a hearing and a listening.
    The writer is an analytical thinker who base things from the word of God. Thank you pastor Michael Wambeo Biketi

  5. It’s factual and it needs some urgency,there are many outside there who haven’t come to back to Church in the name of the pandemic.we have to reach them out.

  6. Very well written, insightful and yet a challenge to the status quo. I believe to be the start of deep conversation and birth of ideas and action toward the church as a whole

  7. This is a wake up call to the church to remain sober and vigilant in this hour of multiple opinions. We need to ‘occupy’ till He comes, and there is no better way to put it.Thanks Pastor Michael for sharing.

  8. Very deep insights on the wholesome role of the church. It’s high time the church knows what to do. This article clearly presents the heart of the Father towards the church in Kenya. It deserves a wider audience.
    The truth is the ministry of reconciliation was given to us and with focused hearts we need to run with it.
    It’s time to be disciples and represent our Master. #Be God’s mouthpiece of peace.
    Awesome article Mchungaji. May God replenish you.

  9. An eye opener indeed sir.while they slept the enemy planted tears… are a blessing to the body of christ pastor. The lord use you more sir.

  10. Good insight for everyone, big and small, especially the body of Christ as we Kenyan gears towards the polls.
    Thanks pastor Mike.

  11. True pastor, we the church need to launch deep in the things of God, ask God to open our innermost eyes to see and understand what we need to do when the foundations are shaken. Shalom man of God for the writeup.

  12. Wow. This article is so timely especially now that we as a country(Kenya) are now heading to politcal campaigns. I wish the church leadership of Kenya and Africa altogether should take heed to this article!
    An awakening call for the Church!
    May the Lord continue using you(pst. Michael Wambeo) and other servants to relay His intent to His people.

  13. What a wonderful ambassador of Christ! Let’s all built the bridge between the world and His kingdom…. I mean we stand out for the church of Christ. Thanks Papa

  14. Thank you Pastor Michael Wambeo. This is a timely piece. The church has a very important role to play in our national politics. The greatest being to pray for our leaders and for God to enable us to vote wisely. The church should not be used as a podium for political rallies!

  15. Great insights Pst Michael on the role of the church in society and more so in politics.
    Let the Church be the Church.
    The Church’s highest calling and purpose for living is to fulfill the spiritual, eternal, invisible kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Looking forward to read more from you man of God.

  16. Great insights Pst Michael on the role of the church in society and more so in politics.
    The church should just remain the church. The purpose and calling of the Church is to fulfill the spiritual, eternal, invisible kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Looking forward to read more from you man of God.

  17. Amen amen: The believes should know why are in church and do the will of our lord not following the political parties.mathew 11:3_4

  18. Very thoughtful, insightful and precisely articulated. The church must not lose it’s flavour and coveted position in the order of God’s plan and will for mankind. Thank you pastor Michael for this awesome piece.

  19. Personally am challenged to ditch excuses and serve the church. If I can risk everything to get to an office then my creator deserve better. Thanks for this eye opener

  20. Kudos to Pastor for this challenge at a time such as this! Surely, if we cant love our brothers and sisters that we see and are made in the eyes of God, how then can we claim to love God whom we have never seen!
    Pastor Wambeo, thanks the wake up call to all us in the church!


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