3 Police Officers killed by Bandits in Turkana laid to rest

The National Police Service has today joined families and friends in the burial of three police officers who were among the eight who lost their lives in line of duty while in pursuit of cattle rustlers in Katiteitei village, Turukana County, on September 24.

Numerous firearms and rounds of ammunition have been recovered following “Operation Komesha Uhalifu in North Rift.” According to the National Police Service (NPS), additional troops with specialized equipemt have been deployed and they are mopping up firearms from the bandits,as normalcy returns in the area.

As the NPS, we thank the members of the public for their continued cooperation and support, and request that they continue sharing timely information to make the operation a success.”

The officers at Lokori, are also receiving psychological support and health services. The team is led  by Julius Munyagia amongst other senior officers, counsellors and religious leaders. “The National Police Service encourages officers who may be going through seemingly insurmountable challenges to always reach out to the Counselling and Psychosocial departments for support.”



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