Worship band Rend Collective has shared a new song on YouTube as we reflect and pray on the recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester. “It can sometimes be tempting for us to dial back our worship, or become less honest, or more divorced from what’s going on in the world,” explains Chris Llewellyn. “But if you look at the Psalms, there is this whole genre called lament where we lift up songs that are full of the truth of what we are going through, the wrestling we are going through, but [they are] also full of hopefulness and full of faith.”

Llewellyn adds, “We believe that we have a God who cares about our issues; He wants to hear us honestly wrestle with them and so we have written this song called ‘Weep With Me’… We can’t make the pain go away. We refuse to provide cheap, shallow answers. But hopefully this song can give us some vocabulary to bring our raw, open wounds before the wounded healer, who weeps with us in our distress. We pray that we can begin to raise a costly, honest and broken hallelujah. That is what it means to worship in Spirit and in Truth.”

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